Standards Based Report Card

A New Reporting System to Inform Parents and Families!

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1/13/16 Parent Information Session POWER POINT Slides

Last year, the Elementary Leadership and Data Team, a group of teachers and administrators from Orange Elementary and Petersham Center School, worked diligently to create a new, standards-based report card for grades K through 6. Petersham will be making some further modifications this year and their new report cards will likely be ready for use in the 2016-2017 school year. 

The Orange report cards will be ready for School Committee review in November 2015. If approved, each Orange student will be getting a detailed standards-based report card each term which are aligned with the latest versions of the Massachusetts standards. There are sections for math, reading, writing, science, social studies and the arts. There is a separate section to report on social skills and work and study habits. In between terms, parents will receive specific information regarding their child's progress directly from the teacher, during parent-teacher conferences.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions document outlining what the standards-based report cards entail and the reasons for changing the reporting system. On January 13th of 2016, the Orange Elementary Schools will host 2 parent information sessions to provide parents and families with information about the new report cards, one at 8:30 am and one at 6:00 pm. Please mark your calendar. In addition, teachers will help to explain the new report cards during the fall parent-teacher conferences and a flyer will be sent home at that time providing key information on the the new standards-based report cards.

                                Orange Elementary Schools                            

                                   TERM DATES 2015 - 2016                                

                                                        August 31, 2015              1st Term Begins

                                                        November 4-6, 2015       Parent/Teacher Conferences

                                                        January 22, 2016         Marks Close

                                                        January 29, 2016          Report Cards Sent Home

                                                        January 25, 2016             2nd Term Begins

                                                        April 13-15, 2016        Parent/Teacher Conferences

                                                        June 10, 2016         2nd Term Ends

                                                        June 15, 2016          Tentative Last Day of School

                                                               Report Cards Sent Home