Student Learning

The Orange and Petersham Curriculum

PictureOver the next several years teams of teachers from all three elementary schools will meet to create district-wide maps and scope and sequence charts that will reflect the taught curriculum in our consolidated district. The goal is to align the curriculum to the most recent Massachusetts standards and to create maps with useful elements such as content mastery objectives, links to lessons, and lists of related resources and materials.

The district leadership team has selected Mathematics as the subject to continue mapping in 2015. The Curriculum Coordinator is working with teacher representatives from each grade level team to refine and enrich the Mathematics maps so that they are vertically aligned and have consistent features from grade to grade. The maps reflect the standards in the 2011 Massachusetts Mathematics Framework. Work will be done via Google Docs so that all team members and other academic specialists can provide input. The mapping sessions are co-facilitated by Marria Carrington, DSAC Mathematics Specialist. This service is provided at no cost to the district.

The Orange and Petersham K-6 Mathematics maps will be published on this Teaching and Learning webpage when they are complete. Please be sure to visit us again! 

Curriculum Documents

Arts Curriculum
   Massachusetts Arts Framework

English Language Arts Curriculum 
   2011 Massachusetts English Language Arts and Literacy Framework

Mathematics Curriculum    K   1    2    3    4    5    6 
   2011 Massachusetts Mathematics Framework

Music Curriculum

    Massachusetts Arts Framework

Physical Education Curriculum
Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Framework

Science Curriculum
Next Generation Science Standards

Social Studies Curriculum
Massachusetts History and Social Studies Framework

Technology Curriculum
   Massachusetts Technology Standards

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum
   NAEYC Early Childhood Standards