Our School

Orange Elementary Schools is committed to building a learning community in which every teacher and child is respected and given the tools they need to learn and grow. At OES everything we do is “learner driven, evidence informed.”

Fisher Hill

Our goal at Fisher Hill is to create home-and-school connections to help our preschool through second-grade students build a strong foundation for academic success. These connections bridge the gap between the classroom and the family table with family activities, parent resources, and student homework.

The purpose of homework at this early childhood level is to encourage family involvement and practice new skills. Many of our “assignments” include activities like doing household chores, tying your shoes, and reading before bedtime. These types of responsibilities help children develop language, math, social skills, and confidence. We encourage parents to help children build skills organically. Read with your children, play games together, and eat as a family. You can make math part of the home environment by teaching your children to pair socks; cut a pizza into equal slices; and count change when shopping. Giving your child a voice in family activities can help them develop social-emotional competencies like self-management, self-awareness, and responsible decision-making and teach them important communication skills.

Our third through sixth graders learn in a safe, inclusive environment where we design instruction with each learner’s strengths, passions, and needs in mind. Adults in our building are role models for our students, showcasing the importance of the work-life balance.

We believe that after school, students should be engaging with family, doing things they enjoy, or simply relaxing after a day at school. This does not mean we do not give homework, but when we do, we choose assignments that enrich education by making deeper connections to the curriculum and offering student’s choices in what they do. Your child should receive no more than 30 minutes of homework per night. If you are finding your child is spending more time than this, please contact your child’s teacher.


We welcome visitors and volunteers to our schools. However, to ensure everyone’s safety, we ask that all visitors check in at the front office before proceeding throughout the building and continue to wear their visitor’s badge while on campus. Volunteers must complete a background check prior to working with children.